The thumb base joint is one of the most remarkably complex but beautifully elegant joints in the body. It's also the third most common joint affected by arthritis.

1 in 10 people have some degree of thumb base arthritis with many choosing to put up with the discomfort because of limited treatment options.

5% of the world's population have severe symptoms. This increases to over 30% for women over the age of 55.

There is in excess of 200,000 surgical procedures carried out each year in the EU and US combined for severe thumb base arthritis.

Sports Injury
Persistent pain

The afflicted suffer with pain at the base of the thumb which is aggravated by thumb use


Traditional surgical options can lead to significant hand strength loss or continued persistent pain

Surgical Recovery
Back Pain
Everyday tasks

Difficulty doing everyday tasks such as turning a key or using a mobile telephone

Other Implants

Current implant devices associated with failure rates of up to 40%

Cronic Pain

Our Solution

InDx from

The InDx implant is the only implant that can fully mimic the natural but complex motions of the thumb joint. The device is also easier to insert and less invasive than any currently available surgical treatment option for this condition.

A innovative orthopaedic implant for the treatment of thumb base arthritis.

The InDx device accommodates the full range of thumb joint motions by providing two points of rotation that can move both concurrently and independently of each other, while enabling the joint to move in at least six degrees of freedom. This will provide an excellent clinical outcome and decrease the risk of surgical and clinical complications.

The InDx device offers an exciting new, patient sensitive treatment option to patients and surgeons and has been designed in conjunction with three of the world’s leading hand surgeons ensuring all end-user requirements are met.

Dr. Peter Weiss

Based on our last cadaveric studies, I really feel that the implant is now mature, and likely will be extremely successful.

Dr. Peter Weiss Brown University
Prof. Filip Stockmans

This implant would address the most tricky part of the current designs and offer a possibility to eliminate the principal cause of current joint failures

Prof. Filip Stockmans KU Leuven
What is really exciting about this implant is that it accommodates the looseness and the variable axes of rotation that the real joint has by its unique design. Dr. Amy Ladd Stanford University
Prof. Filip Stockmans

About Us

Loci Orthopaedics is an innovative orthopaedic solutions company.

Loci Orthopaedics and the InDx device originated from the BioInnovate program, a structured medical device innovation program in Ireland with proven outcomes. Loci Orthopaedics is based at the Business Innovation Centre in the National University of Ireland Galway.

Dr Brendan Boland
Dr Brendan Boland Co Founder / CEO BMEDSC MB BCH BAO MRCPI MICGP

Brendan graduated with honours from University College Dublin Medical School in 2006. As an undergraduate, he completed a Bachelor of Medical Science as a concurrent degree and was awarded the Colman Saunders medal for Paediatrics. As a post-graduate, he became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and also a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners. Brendan was a BioInnovate Ireland Fellow 2014 during which time he developed his skills in identifying and determining opportunities in the lifescience and health technology landscapes. He learned to critically appraise very early stage development opportunities and de-risk potential investment opportunities. He became adept at conducting in-depth industry, market and company research; due diligence, including assessing the competitive landscape; critical analysis of business opportunity assumptions using his extensive medical knowledge base; and evaluating industry trends.

Mr Gerry Clarke
Mr Gerry Clarke Co Founder / CTO BSC MBA MSC

Gerry has worked consistently in medical devices and diagnostics since the late 1970s, spending ten years in the USA industry sector during that time. He has had a number of increasingly responsible technical roles within Technicon, Sherwood Medical and C.R. Bard/Medtronic, most recently that of senior engineering manager within R&D at Medtronic. His expertise lies in process development, new technology investigation and product design methodologies. He has several patents and trade secrets to his credit and has been charged with IP development at leadership level. A believer in team synergy, he is passionate about innovation that occurs at the boundaries of diverse disciplines. Gerry was a BioInnovate Ireland Fellow 2014, during which he further developed his skills at identifying unmet clinical needs and finding solutions through the application of experience and good engineering practice.

Loci Orthopaedics is also complemented by a number of key industry advisors:
Dr. Amy Ladd Chief of Hand Surgery Stanford University, US

Dr. Ladd is one of the world’s leading experts in the biomechanics and kinematics of the thumb base joint. She was a fellow at L'Institut de la Main in Paris, France prior to joining the Stanford University faculty in 1990

Dr. Peter Weiss Prof of Hand Surgery Brown University, US

Dr. Weiss is an internationally recognised orthopaedic hand surgeon. He specialises in hand and wrist reconstruction with a special interest in finger and wrist joint replacement surgery.

Prof. Filip Stockmans Prof of Hand Surgery KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof Stockmans has numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on hand and thumb base joint surgery. He is one of the most prolific thumb base joint implant users in the world, with the best clinical outcomes recorded and studied of any European hand surgeon.

Dr. Anton Clifford Co-founder / CEO of MoxiMed Business Development Advisor

Anton is co-founder and CEO of MoxiMed, an orthopaedics medical device company. He has been a key member of the MoxiMed team that has brought a product from concept to clinical use.


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